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Imagine that you are sitting amid the forest greens,, and there are hills all around you. You can feel the breeze and smell the forest. You lie on the soft green grass and feel like living there forever. And if you can get hot and delicious food at the same place, then it will be like icing on the cake!  But for that, you need to get the best grill that suits your needs. So here is the list of 15 best grills that can enhance your camping experience.  


Mr. Steak 1 Burner Infrared Portable Grill


This Mr. Steak 1 Burner Infrared Portable Grill is fast, efficient, and terribly hot grilling. It delivers a propane-fueled cooking power of 14000 BTU. Its ceramic burner excels at super high temperature – 1000 degree F/538 degree C. It has a weight of 29.5 lbs which is not the lightest weight but its brilliant performance and other features like folding legs, silicon handle, and locking lid make it suitable enough to carry it to your camping spot. It also has a removable grease tray and a stainless steel V-grate which is kept above the infrared burner. This grill has advantages like it is perfectly hot, highly portable, and has electronic ignition. Its disadvantages include its heavyweight and expensiveness. 


Bitty Big Q  Compact Retractable Grill

This unique grill is made of stainless steel whose legs can be folded out and can be set at three different heights. It weighs 1.77 lbs (800g) and it can be folded to a package that measures (17×9×9cm) that can be fitted in your bag pack. It does not contain a place to burn coal or wood but it can be easily placed on a fire pit or burning coal/wood. It comes in a protective carry bag which protects it from soot. It has advantages such as portability, easy to fold, and super lightweight. Its disadvantages are- small grilling surface and no place to burn coal.


 BioLite Base Camp

The BioLite Base Camp has a unique shape. It contains the perfect place to burn the fire and the circular container which is perfect to cook for eight people. It contains a Lithium-ion battery on the grill side that charges on the excess heat which can charge any device having USB charging cord while cooking. Isn’t that amazing! Its benefits are that it has a light that is powered by the heat and has plenty of space to cook food for a group. Its drawbacks are its price is high and it has no cover or lid. 

Lodge L410 Pre-Seasoned Sportsman’s Charcoal Grill


Its specialty is that it is lightweight and gives long-lasting heat. The grill is loaded with charcoal at the back and can be adjusted height-wise. Although the food will not stick on the cast iron but still it requires great care like washing, drying, and oiling. Its pros include long-lasting cast iron, even heating, and adjustable cooking heights. Its cons are that it requires great care and is very heavy.


Camp Chef Professional Barbecue Box


The Camp Chef Professional Barbecue Box provides you the ease to make high-quality barbecue food on a camping trip. It does not have a heat source of its own and fits on a 14-inch single burner camp stove. The interior diffuser plate heats up quickly and cooks the food of a larger quantity. You have to place wood or coal under the grate to create a smoky flavor while cooking. Its advantages are that it has a cast-iron gate, a built-in thermometer and it can also work as a smoker while cooking. Its disadvantage is that it does not have a heat source of its own.


Primus Kamoto Open Fire Pit


The Primus Kamoto Open Fire Pit is a traditional charcoal grill with an amazing folding style. It weighs 6 kg that can be easily carried. It is made up of powder-coated steel and measures up to (53×39×6cm). It can be carried like a suitcase after being folded. It has an ashtray at the bottom which protects the ground from burning wood and coal pieces. It also has two stainless steel wind guards that secure the fire pit. Its advantages are that it is highly portable, lightweight, and has ashtray and wind guards. The disadvantages are that the heat doesn’t spread on the whole grill.


Weber Q1200 Liquid Propane Grill


The Weber Q1200 Liquid Portable Grill is a quick heat option whose one stainless steel burner produces 8500 BTU. It has 189 square inches of total cooking area. Its grates are of porcelain-enameled cast iron and the body and are made up of cast aluminum. Its electronic ignition is easy to start and you can control burner valve settings. It uses a disposable 14.1 or 16.4 LP cylinder and has a glass-reinforced nylon frame. Its advantages include easy cleanup, built-in thermometer and it comes pre-assembled in the box. Its disadvantages include its high price and heavyweight.   


Char-Griller Table Top Charcoal Grill and Side Fire Box


This TableTop Charcoal Grill can also be used as a tabletop grill and horizontal firebox or smoker. It has heavy steel construction and the cooking grates are made up of cast iron. It has a removable ash pan for easy cleanup and 250 square inches of cooking area. It can be attached to other char griller barrel grills. Its benefits include sliding drawer for easy access to coal, removal ashtray for easy cleanup, stay cool hood handle, and its affordable price. Its drawback is that once converted to a firebox, it cannot be used as a grill anymore.  

Cuisinart Petit Gourmet Portable Tabletop Gas Grill

This portable gas grill has a 145 square inch grilling area but besides its large area, it is lightweight. It has the power of 5,500 BTU, stainless steel burner, and porcelain-enameled grate which is responsible for even heating all over the grill. It is provided with aluminum legs and when they are folded, the for corner feet stabilizes the grill. It has a briefcase-style handle to carry and weighs 13.5 pounds. Its advantages are that it heats up quickly and uses gas lesser than other grills. It has great portability because of its briefcase folding structure. Small drip pan and plastic components near high heat are its disadvantages.   


Weber Go-Anywhere Charcoal Grill

This one is also a charcoal grill with rounded legs to give stability to the grill. It has a porcelain-enameled lid, its base and its durable plated grate retain heat. The size of its cooking area is 160 inches and it is lightweight. Its advantages are that it is compact enough to fit in your trunk, yet have a larger capacity to cook food and is lightweight. Its disadvantage is that the height of the grate cannot be adjusted.  


EUREKA Gonzo Grill Cook System

The unique feature of this grill cook system is its small size and shape which looks like a soup pot. It can be combined with other Gonzo grills for bigger occasions. It has 6000 BTU cooking power and its heat can be controlled with four full dial turns. it has cast iron cooking surface and steel lid with vents it also has integrated grill scraper to prevent build up on grill and removable measures 13.8 by 11 inches and weighs 14.3 pounds. It is good because it is flexible, compact, portable, easily cleanable, expandable, and controllable. However, it somewhat lacks behind because it’s expensive and has a small cooking space.  


 Coleman Road Trip 285 Portable Stand-Up Propane Grill

this propane grill comes with cast iron grill grates coated in porcelain and has a power ranging as a cooking area of 285 sq. inches. It has two sliding side tables , a water pan that catches cooking grease, an integrated thermometer for temperature control, lid locks for secure transport, quick-fold legs and 2 wheels for easy setup. It weighs 46 lbs. and  uses 1lb. propane cylinder and has a push-button ignition. Its pros include matchless lighting, exchangeable cooktops and built-in table and wheels. Its cons include uneven heating and it takes up more space.


Coleman Fold N Go Portable Grill

this portable grill weighs just 10 pounds and folds up like a small briefcase. It offers 6,000 BTU of cooking power and comes with an adjustable burner. It has 105 sq. inches of grilling surface, removable grease tray, and grate which allows easy cleanup. Its perfect flow technology allows its consistent performance. It works with a 16.4-ounce propane cylinder. Its benefits are its affordable price and lightweight Its drawbacks are that porcelain coating can chip 


Texsport Heavy Duty Camp Grill

This grill is compact and easily transported and can work in all types of weather conditions. It has a heavy-duty steel grill that is built to tolerate heat. It can handle heavy iron cookware and its legs can fold underneath. Its prose includes a very simple design and easy adjusting legs and cons are that the grill has to be burnt before using and a campfire is required.

Smoke Hollow 205 Stainless Steel Tabletop Propane Gas Camping Grill

This propane gas grill has a power of 10,000 BTUs. It has folding legs and is portable. It has 205 square inches of cooktop space and is U-shaped so it provides heat evenly over the food. It utilizes small and disposable one-pound propane canisters. It weighs 20.4 pounds. Its pros include portability with folding legs and it has low cost according to its specifications. Its cons include its dodgy front latches and its low power that will only be able to feed few people.

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